Welcome to Camelback Medical Centers

Welcome to Camelback Medical Centers! We understand what it feels like to be in pain and discomfort, to not know what is wrong and the fears you may be feeling about what your options may be for pain relief. At Camelback Medical Centers, you can know you are well taken care of, as your medical care options include excellent, experienced integrative medical care.

Camelback Medical Centers have Vision

At Camelback Medical Centers we are truly committed to all of our patients, no matter their age, gender or situation that brought them to us. We listen to our patient’s concerns and provide exceptional professional and friendly service to each of them. We strive to provide the best options in integrative healthcare. That means we provide a wide variety of healthcare options of treatments, therapies and other healing methods. In fact, our commitment to our patients is in our Vision Statement.

Camelback Medical Centers Vision Statement

“Driven by commitment to our patients, our commitment to each other, we deliver unsurpassed service and the best in healthcare.”

Oftentimes, our patients truly need medical and holistic care and our goal is to provide as many services in an integrative healing environment, as we can, for the benefit of our patients. If you have been injured on the job or in a car accident, for instance, you will need diagnostic testing and examinations to find the true sources of the pain and other issues you are experiencing. Then you may need chiropractic care, massage therapy, but still need medical injections to manage your back pain, neck pain, headaches and other pain. We feel so strongly about providing excellent, affordable, integrative care, that it is in our Promise Statement to you.

Camelback Medical Centers Promise

“We promise to exceed your expectations and deliver a caring and affordable experience each time you visit our office.”

You may have old injuries that are creating chronic issues, or be concerned that your children take tumbles on a daily basis and need checked out. You may want to be in better shape for sports or simply want to take care of that great body you would like to work well for years to come. No matter how you look at it, the professionals at Camelback Medical Centers are here to help you improve your health. Looking ahead to a lifetime of great health is so important to us, we have a Result Statement to address it.

Camelback Medical Centers Result

“To produce patients who understand wellness and choose to stay healthy for a lifetime.”
Whatever professional services we can provide for our patients’ long-term wellness, we will provide. At Camelback Medical Centers you will find well trained and experienced chiropractors, caring medical providers, massage therapists and other professionals, dedicated to your lifetime of great health.

Camelback Medical Centers gets Results

Multiple options for pain management including manipulation under anesthesia (MUA), trigger point injections, sphenopalatine ganglion block headache sprays, non-steroid pain injections, and other medical care. Chiropractic adjustments and therapies like, spinal decompression therapy, physiotherapy, massage therapy, kinesiology taping and many other options are also available through the well- trained professionals at Camelback Medical Centers.

Camelback Medical Centers now offers Weight Loss

Synergy Medical Weight Loss provides an exceptional weight loss program with over 10,000 satisfied patients in just four years. Click here for more information on the weight loss programs we offer.